Welcome to our new blog!  We are excited for this opportunity to share our journey to Haiti as well as our life there once we have moved.  To learn a little about our family please click on “About Us” from the Home page.

Several years ago God began to change our mindset, it was a lot like a surgery, blind spot removal.   Our lives were full, things were quite good!   We were doing good things in our church, within our lives, but not seeing the complete picture.  We didn’t have a global perspective and were very comfortable in the place we were at.  We began to pray “Lord, what is the next step on our journey?  Is there a next step or are we where we’re supposed to be”?  Soon God would begin to answer.  He used our Missions Pastor to invite Dave on a mission trip to Haiti.  Dave’s eyes were opened to what breaks the heart of God… people suffering, orphaned and abandoned children, diseases that ravage lives and a hunger that never leaves.  While in Haiti at one of the orphanages Dave met an 8 year old girl named Oltania.

192137_1894870656120_1372192567_2206774_3880762_oWhen he came home he was “fired up” which is what often happens on a mission trip!  He was feeling prompted to adopt…Sharron apprehensively agreed to pray about it. Driving down the road one day, while praying God spoke to Sharron’s heart, saying “you’ve been asking what My next step is in your journey, don’t you expect Me to answer?”  So, we moved forward, knowing the risk, not knowing what the outcome would be, but following what we believed was His call.  Shortly into the adoption, we began to discuss a restlessness we both had, a sense for a more permanent relationship in Haiti.  We continued to wrestle with a desire to look into long term missions but the adoption of Oltania kept us from moving forward.  In February of 2012, after approximately 5 years in the orphanage Oltania went back home to her biological family.  The reality is the majority of children in Haiti have families that cannot afford to care for them, but that’s a story for another time. We had many mixed emotions but were truly at peace with Oltania’s family being reunited.  Our conversations and prayer got more intentional and we felt compelled to move forward in pursuit of becoming full time missionaries.  When we had started asking God to reveal himself to us we had no idea what that picture would look like.  We now began to see more clearly, the plan He had for us.  We thought one girl, where God saw many families, a community, that would benefit from intentional investment.  Isaiah 58 came to life for us.  We moved forward with becoming  full time missionaries with ReachGlobal and were accepted in December of 2012.

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Looking forward to walking this path together!

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4 Responses to Welcome!!

  1. Jen Williamson says:

    I had no idea! Blessings on your new life adventure!!!

  2. Jean Taylor says:

    Sarron, I am very proud of you old friend and look forward to following your jouney. Peace, Blessings and Hugs!

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