Since last June, life has been a flurry of meeting requirements to join ReachGlobal on the mission field.  Theologically, psychologically and physically, it was often a daunting challenge.  Throughout the process it has been exciting to meet new people and begin building new relationships as we share a heartbeat for faraway places.  At the end of each phase there was always a point of acceptance to move to the next step.  Each step came with a moment of breath holding and anticipation.

With these acceptance hurdles behind us, we now are faced with new hurdles.  One is to find partners who are passionate and sacrificially generous about making Gods name known among the nations.  It’s amazing to me that in today’s high-tech, globe-trotting world there are 6,600 people groups that have never heard the gospel.  That’s 2.75 billion people who have never heard the words “Jesus loves you”!  Most of these people live in extreme poverty, in heart wrenching places that are hard for us to imagine much less fathom living there.  Haiti is one of these places.  Recently Haiti has been determined to be the world’s most impoverished nation, where most people live on 1 to 2 dollars a day.  Although Haiti has been reached with the gospel, the people have lived in darkness for so long that much work is needed to break the cycle of oppression and despair.

On March 25th we will be traveling to Haiti for the first time as a family on our Vision Trip, experiencing life Haitian style for the next three weeks, confirming that we are a fit for Haiti and with the team serving there now.  Please pray that we go in with our eyes open, becoming more familiar with life as it will be, staying healthy while on the trip.  Pray for our daughter Quinn, this being her first time in Haiti, that she is not overwhelmed by what she experiences, but that she gets a good feel for what lies before her.  We plan to document the trip as we go here on our blog, looking forward to sharing the days ahead.

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4 Responses to The Next Step…

  1. Lisa Tull & the girls says:

    We certainly will be praying along with you.

  2. Kristin says:

    We’re looking forward to reading more from your trip and experiences there.

  3. Jen says:

    Praying for you as you journey on into wall God has for you. Thinking of you today and hoping all goes smoothly for you on your travels!

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