First days in Haiti on our Vision Trip

We’ve had a tough time getting a good internet connection for any length of time in order to share.  We had quite the adventure just getting on the plane to Haiti.  Who’d of thought we’d get 10 plus inches of snow the day before we were supposed to leave?  Talk about a change of climate!  A number of issues at the airport on Monday morning really had us thinking we wouldn’t make our flight…but our luggage would!  God had other plans, and the plane was held for an additional 30 minutes.  We were the last family to board.  Just before the last leg of our flight Quinn was ready to turn around and go home, she was done.  After a good nap on the flight from Miami to Haiti, she was once again ready for the trip. We’ve had a great time with a team from Virginia. They’ve been amazing with Quinn, really investing in her, making her feel quite at home.

On Tuesday after settling in we visited a worksite where the VA team is digging a hole in the ground for a latrine and pouring concrete columns for Marco’s home, a RG employee.  In the evening we went to watch a ’pick up’ soccer game in the local community, Quinn got the chance to play. What’s pick up soccer you ask?  You take a few people with a soccer ball out to the local cow pasture and watch the youth and kids come!  Game on!  Yesterday we visited two orphanages, OLTCH and New Horizons.  The latrines our Calvary teams worked on, Jan-Feb, at New Horizons now have a roof and doors.  Although Quinn had a great time at both orphanages she especially enjoyed herself at OLTCH.  She finally able to meet face to face, the children that she has come to know through stories and pictures over the last few years.

I’ve gotten in a couple runs with Ashlee, a missionary serving here…loved the early morning one yesterday the best!  The terrain is definitely rough so I’m taking a day or two off just to make sure my old knees can handle it.  The days have been warm but pleasant.  We’re all still adjusting to the nights, changing out mattresses, adjusting fans and making sure our mosquito netting is tucked tightly around us…at least I am!!  Looking forward to what today will bring, blessed to have this opportunity!  Unable to post pictures at this time for some reason, will try again soon!

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8 Responses to First days in Haiti on our Vision Trip

  1. Anita Ross says:

    Great to hear from you and hear how God is going before you. Praying for you lots! May your joy be full as you celebrate His resurrection this year in Haiti. (Anita)

  2. Curt Neff says:

    Praying for you guys! Thanks for the update!

  3. Nancy Young says:

    Sharron and Dave,
    This is a test Did you get this. I don’t want to send a message and it goes to who knows where

  4. Trish Miller says:

    Mathis family, so great to hear from you! We have been praying for your travel to & time in Haiti and for Quinn especially. May God meet her personally and speak to her heart while you are there.
    When I pray for your family and Haiti I hear Dave’s voice in my head saying, “broken to the core”. May the Crucified One, whose body was “broken” for all, be lifted high in Haiti! And may God give you the grace needed to endure surrounded by such insatiable need.
    Bless you!
    With love,

  5. Jeanne Schoettle says:

    So glad to hear all of this and that you are there beginning to settle in. 🙂 Please let the VA team know that Quinn is mine! Love and prayers to you all. ❤

  6. linda mathis says:

    We will be praying for your journey. May God pour out his blessings on you keep you safe from all harm, even the mosquitos.

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