Good stuff happening in Haiti…

We had a early beach day this week, getting to visit again on Tuesday.  Just enough time to have recovered from the light sunburns we inflicted on ourselves last Friday. It truly is beautiful, such a special treat.  It amazes me how something so simple can bring such great restoration, renewing your energy for the days ahead.


Yesterday I had the privilege to participate in some training at a Haitian church in PAP where Global Finger Prints will be kicking off. 170 children have already been chosen.  We received training on a tool created to help measure the children’s capacity to learn and their level of ability to fortify themselves. It was a long hot day on some benches made of planks in a beautiful church. The team being trained consisted of several of the Haitian Directors and 12 Haitian Supervisors who will go into a number of the homes today in teams to begin using this tool to know their children.  In the midst of an environment that would make most schools in the U.S. shut down for the day, the information was delivered by our teacher with an energetic passion, engaging us in a way that kept our attention for the 8 hour training.  I, along with the others, left inspired!  Today Dave has gone in with some others to participate in the initial visits and then sit in on the discussion afterward as to what went well, what needs help, etc.  I am praying this team has a successful experience today.


Dave and Quinn went to visit an school/orphanage in PAP with the rest of the team. They delivered some bunks that had been built and played with kids.  They then went to The Apparent Project in PAP where discarded items are used by local artisans to create upscale jewelry, journals and home decor allowing them to provide an income for their families. Of course my family came home with a few items!


This morning as I write, I am listening to the sound of a nice, needed rain. Last night was very warm and sticky, making sleep a bit of a challenge. Quinn on the other hand doesn’t seem to have any trouble…oh to be young again!  Shortly, we are heading out to Respire Haiti’s Cafe with a visiting family on a mission trip here for the week who leave tomorrow. They are now not only serving cinnamon rolls but smoothies as well!!!  Yay!!

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3 Responses to Good stuff happening in Haiti…

  1. Jess and Kristy says:

    Thank you for sharing. We are praying for each of you!

  2. Jen says:

    Totally enjoy your updates and pictures! Praying for you all and all of Haiti!

  3. Johna Kiehne says:

    Dear Sweet Family, We were so delighted to read and view your “Good Stuff happening in Haiti”! Sounds like Quinn is adjusting beautifully! She`s really been on my heart and in my prayers! God is so good, isn`t He? We look forward to hearing and seeing more! Keeping you all close in prayer! Love You, Johna and Rolfe

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