What does Quinn really think about all of this??


Quinn in her garden at the Haitian Queen where she would take visitors on a tour

What does Quinn, our 9 year old, really think about all this?  After all, it affects her life as much as anyone else.  However, as a child, the reality is she must follow her parents where they go.  Right?  Right.  It was/is important to us that she wants to make this move to Haiti.  She won’t necessarily fully understand how we’ve felt God’s call to serve the people of Haiti but we did want her to want to make this move, to feel part of the journey.  Prior to her first trip to Haiti, she wasn’t opposed, but she wasn’t excited either.  She wasn’t really interested in participating with us as we’d begun to try to learn the language, to learn more about the country, the customs, the people and the difficulty of life there.  Our trip changed all that.  She is now on mission with us, learning to speak the language (it is a slow process for all of us), interested in understanding the culture and people of Haiti.  Yesterday for “talent day” at school, she excitedly shared some of the words she has learned to speak in Creole with her peers and she brought home an autobiography of herself she had completed at school that speaks volumes as to how she feels about who she is at this time.  I don’t know what the questions were, but I’ll share it exactly as it was written (Ms Gunsten was her teacher who was killed in an auto accident 2 days before we left for Haiti).

My Auto Biography


Tall, Writer, Missionary Kid

Student of Ms Gunsten

Who loves Haiti, her family, Ms.Gunsten

Who feels touched about Haiti

Who needs love and hugs

Who gives care, kindness and peace

Who fears scary movies, mean dogs and mean people

Who would like to see more Haiti

Who dreams of being a missionary kid

A student of RBE


We love seeing how God continues to develop her heart for Him and His people.  What a privilege it is to be on mission with our daughter!  We are so thankful for the ministry partners God continues to bring alongside us allowing us to serve Him in Haiti.

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