Why does ReachGlobal encourage short-term missions in Haiti?

Short-term missions (STM) in Haiti involve teams of people, typically from a church, sometimes a family, coming for about a week with the intent of sharing God’s love by serving the people of Haiti. Like our family, they often come thinking it will be them who build into the people of Haiti but like us, they often leave realizing God used the people of Haiti to build into them. Short-term missions can be life changing!

The value of short-term mission trips…

Teams bring resources to serve our partners and the community

Teams bring financial resources and supplies we can’t get in Haiti as well as skills that are greatly needed such as medical teams, construction, pastoral training, and sharing the gospel with hundreds of children through a VBS.  We use these resources to come alongside our partners as they minister to their community.

Teams provide manpower

ReachGlobal has been in Haiti since Jan of 2010 in response to the earthquake. To date the team in Haiti has consisted of 2 full time missionaries. It has been challenging to serve the needs of 14 partners with a team of two, hence the great resource a short-term missions team brings.


Teams help us build into local relationships

ReachGlobal is relationship driven and invests in people more than in things. While maintaining these relationships depends on the on-going presence of the long-term missionaries, there is added value by a team of people coming to serve.  Money could be sent instead of a team coming, however, being here and putting in some sweat equity shows a care for and value of God’s people…creating possibilities for substantial impact in the future.  Our God is relational and He desires we be in relationship with one another.

God uses these trips to work in the life of each team member

We have experienced this!  We have witnessed this!  While not everyone will be called into cross-cultural ministry because of a short-term trip, the transformation that does happen in you might be the most significant reason to join a team. Each of us wants to make an impact, and while we can sometimes do some good, we can only do so much in a week.  But, that week can be life changing within us!  It broadens our perspectives, helping us to understand a different culture, a different lifestyle, allowing us to see our similarities at the same time. We witness real poverty, yet experience real joy with those living in that poverty. Short-term missions take us out of our comfort zones, forcing us to lean into God. It can bring awareness to how God has gifted us and stir in us a desire to live dependent on Him.  It gives us the opportunity to worship with brothers and sisters in another part of the world…unfamiliar yet inspiring!

Jesus calls each of us to participate in a missionary movement that will one day reach every tribe…every people group. God’s heart beats for every person in every nation.  He calls some of us to serve locally and some to serve internationally. He calls some of us to “go” and some of us to “send”.  In the midst of the chaos in Haiti, there is undeniable beauty in both the people and the land.  The ReachGlobal team God is creating in Haiti shares a passion to spread the Gospel through the efforts of ordinary people and to build relationships between the people of Haiti and churches in the US.  We look forward to our move to Haiti and appreciate the team God is building to get us there!

Be in prayer for our dear friends Ashlee and her husband Claudy who are leaving Haiti. Ashlee, after 2 years on the field as a full time missionary in Haiti along with many short-term trips with her family prior to that and Claudy who will be leaving his home country.  They are returning to the states for awhile believing that God will bring them back to live and minister within Haiti sometime in the future.  Pray for their transition, their schooling, jobs and time with friends and family in the states.  This won’t be easy because as much as they want to be with family and friends in the states, they love the country they’re in and the people they do life with!  They will be missed by many while they’re gone!Claudy and Ashlee Francois

Also be in prayer for our good friend and teammate Jennifer Blevins who will be serving alone for a period of time as she patiently awaits our arrival as well as others who we hope will be joining our team from Columbia and Brazil.  Soon, very soon, it appears our team will grow from one long term missionary to a team of six.

Jennfier Blevins

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2 Responses to Why does ReachGlobal encourage short-term missions in Haiti?

  1. Jeanne Schoettle says:

    Praying for all. Sounds exciting, life is never dull with our awesome God! So grateful to be “sending”. ❤

  2. Gordon and Kerry says:

    Sending up prayers! Thanks for your faithfulness!

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