Day 6: Praying for our daughter Quinn


Quinn will turn 10 on March 29th, 2014.  She celebrated her 9th birthday in Haiti, and is hoping to do the same for her 10th.  A risk of being a missionary kid, commonly referred to as an MK can be struggling to know where they belong, where they are from, where their home is.  Our prayer for her would be the same as it is for us, that where she is ultimately won’t matter  – because she knows she belongs to her Father in heaven. Her identity, our identity is elsewhere. Maybe that’s how Jesus felt, and that is a comfort.

Some characteristics that marked some of our Biblical heroes other than Jesus:

  • They lived as strangers on the earth…aliens
  • They knew something better awaited them beyond this life
  • They never regretted their sacrifice of obedience
  • They possessed an intimacy with God

It takes effort and purpose to have a sense of belonging regardless of our environment. Pray with us that Quinn would respond to God as He draws her closer to Him through this journey.  That God would protect her heart as we prepare for the field: she is very optimistic and will hit a bottom at some point.  Pray for wisdom on our part as to how to prepare her for the ups and downs on the field and that she would be willing to say “good goodbyes” so that she has no regrets looking back.

Some specifics Quinn came back with from our Pre-field training that she felt she needed prayer for…
…that she would be eager to try new things and new ways of acting
…that she would choose not to complain about how tough or hard it is

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2 Responses to Day 6: Praying for our daughter Quinn

  1. Elisabeth says:

    What a privilege to pray for Quinn. God has a special plan and a place of belonging for her. I pray for her as she creates her own culture. I pray that God would clearly show her the special calling He has for her alone. I am encouraged by her wise prayer requests.

  2. Gordon and Kerry says:

    Quinn is a special little girl and I believe God will “grow” her through this journey and most definitely use her! Can’t wait to see how! Will be praying!

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