Faith and Submission…


There are many times when God calls people to go somewhere or do something.  His desire is for us to step out in faith in a situation that seems extremely ridiculous so He can amaze us with what He does.  We often miss out on these opportunities because we are unwilling to move and/or are unwilling to let Him move through us. Dave and I still have moments when we say, “Are we really doing this?  What are we thinking?”  I am sure we are surrounded by a number of people who may be saying the exact same thing!!  Friday, January 31st was our last day on staff with Calvary Church.  Our last day….wow… I can clearly remember a time when I would have never imagined we’d be saying that.  We have been overwhelmed by the support and love shared by our team, our church, our family and this body of believer’s.

We have come to know service to the Lord as a combination of two things: faith and submission. They work hand in hand.  If we don’t have enough of one, we often tend not to have enough of the other.  It takes an incredible amount of faith to serve the Lord because most of the time when He says to go, we have no idea what might happen along the way.

When He asks us to move, thankfully, He never asks us to go alone.  He asks us to move because He wants to go somewhere and He wants us to join Him where He is already at work!  We are not only empowered and equipped by Him but He continues to surround us with an amazing group of partners, both financially and prayerfully.  God calls us to share our story, but it is He who prompts the hearts of people He desires to join us in ministry.  Our desire and goal is to be on the field by the end of March…yes, this March!  It may or may not happen…we will be good either way because we do truly trust God’s timing.  Training will begin for our multi-cultural team that God is pulling together at that point and we see great value in being a part of that from the start.

We currently have 79 families/individuals and 3 churches partnering with us.  We are at 75% of our committed monthly support.  If God is prompting you to partner with us, to be part of this adventure as one who “sends” our family whom He has called to “go” we’d appreciate hearing from you.  Many of us want to live for more than we are living for right now, choosing to step out of our comfort zone, giving sacrificially, desiring to make an eternal difference.  We’re praying for you, if God is talking to you, as you step out in faith trusting Him as your provider like the many others on our team are doing.

For some it’s truly a $1 a day commitment that we know is a sacrifice; others are blessed with the ability to do more.  There are also those that God is calling at this time to join us as prayer warriors, both with us and for this ministry.  What’s most important is that we each respond to His prompting for us as individuals and families.

We are immensely blessed that we are not alone as we choose to join God in the work He is doing in Haiti.

“but I will do what the Father requires of me, so that the world will know that I love the Father. Come, let’s be going.” John 14:31

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