30 days and counting….

We have been waiting for this day!  God is so good and busy at work in many places…we are finally able to say we really are on our way to join Him in the work He is doing in Haiti.

Our flight is  booked!!!  On May 12th of 2014, the three of us along with our son Josh will board a plane with 20 suitcases to make our move to Haiti.

We have to admit to moments of feeling emotionally overwhelmed. This is what we’ve been waiting for but we are faced with the reality of all we are leaving behind…not easy, yet exciting…feeling blessed yet sorrowful!

We started this journey with applications in June of 2012.  Last month we celebrated our call with a commissioning at our church.

Some of our family at our commissioning..

A celebration of a majority of our partners and the beginnings of our prayer wall that we will put up in our new home…

A little over a week ago we were in Haiti for team health training with our multi-cultural team as well as meetings with the Haiti consortium having great conversations about partnering together in intentional disciple making in both the US and Haitian church.

Haiti Consortium

Consortium meeting

Prayer time during the Consortium meeting..

Prayer time during the Consortium meeting..

We spent an amazing week getting to know our team as we intentionally spent time learning each others strengths and weaknesses.  We were also able to spend some time in what will become our new home (click to see a short video if your interested) that will be shared with some of our team.  Met our first tarantula…sorry I didn’t think to take a picture…maybe next time!  I’m sure he won’t be the last!

Sharron with My Love (yes, that's her name)

Sharron with My Love (yes, that’s her name)

Dave on the way to orphanage

Walking to New Horizan’s

Traveling to the beach...some ride inside the vehicle, some on top!

Traveling to the beach…some ride inside the vehicle, some on top!

Just beautiful!!

Enjoying the beauty!!

This next month will be filled with decisions, shopping and many, many good byes!  Grateful for all who are joining us in this ministry!!

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10 Responses to 30 days and counting….

  1. Praise God! So happy for you guys!

    James Richardson

  2. Art Pender says:

    Our Family wishes your family safe travels and blessings to you and those that you will be serving. How incredible this journey will be for so many.
    In His name,

    The Pender Family

  3. Len & Denise says:

    How exciting! I can’t even imagine how many different emotions you must be feeling right now. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. Our prayers are with you. Can’t wait to come down for a visit!

  4. Ryan & Kristin Gerbrandt says:

    So happy for you that your destination in in sight! The kids were excited to hear about Quinn’s move too J

    The Gerbrandts

  5. Nancy Young says:

    I am glad to finally see where your home will be for the next three years. I imagined all kinds of structures but nothing as nice as this is. The patio will be a nice place to go and relax. You did a good job with the camera, too.
    Nancy Young

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