Treasuring the moments left…

We have been drawn and compelled to leave, yet our hearts feel broken as we face the truth of all we will leave behind. It is a deep ache covered in His comfort.  We are so grateful that God is holding on to each of us through each of you, because we know we can’t do this alone.  The truth is, He is everything we need and should be enough but because He knows our weakness He has sent us each of you!!  We really don’t know what the future looks like, but neither did Abraham, Noah, Rahab and the many others in scripture whom God compelled to follow Him into the unknown.  He constantly reminds us that we are simply to put one foot in front of the other holding onto Him with all we have.

Here are some current praises and prayers as we prepare to leave…


  • we move May 12th
  • our generator has been purchased and is sitting at our home waiting patiently for us
  • the generosity of our friends, family and church
  • God’s provision through the church…spiritually, financially, emotionally
  • for the team God pulled together to help Dave’s parents with mowing and Dr visits (as needed)
  • People who have come to us with a heart to specifically minister to Quinn
  • the missionary support team being created to support us from here
  • that our son, Josh, we be will us from May 10th -17th and help us make the move to Haiti


  • that our time in the Word and listening to the Lord would be a priority
  • for our son Josh…as we transition to the field, he is seeking wisdom regarding next steps in his life
  • for Dave’s parents.. they believe God has called us to this place, but change is hard…they will especially miss Quinn
  • for Sharron’s family in Arizona-health, comfort and peace related to our move
  • pray for Quinn’s heart throughout this as reality kicks in…we know God has great plans for her in this process
  • prayer for our marriage as we work through stressful decisions…Satan does seek to use this to bring tension…at this time He’s not been successful and we want it to stay that way!  Pray with us that God would use the trials to draw us closer…that we would fall more in love with each other each day as we watch Him at work in one another
  • discernment as we continue to figure out what to bring (We can bring a total of 20 bags, the first 12 are free, the remaining 8 cost $150 a bag…not sure it’s worth it to bring all 8..depends on what the items are, etc)
  • that we figure out how to properly filter the diesel before using it in the generator…it is a costly item and needs a lot of proper maintenance to keep it running well for a long time
  • for the repairs on the house to get the water functioning in the showers, etc and the electric issues
  • for all the little details to come together here at home as we wrap things up
  • for energy and endurance…we are tired and full of emotions, yet excited to be moving forward

 Life is a bit of a blur… it has been a crazy few years, so we are leaning into the Lord to be “present in the moments” treasuring time with friends and family while juggling the to do’s and language learning.  We anticipate continued spiritual warfare but know we are empowered by the One who will prevail and know that the prayer warriors/partners that surround us are girded up and prayerfully fighting for us already!!

Praising God for each of you!



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2 Responses to Treasuring the moments left…

  1. fcalame says:

    You are in my prayers always. I am very excited to see the Lord working in your lives and I know that there are going to be many blessings for you. Change is always hard especially a change like this but the Lord has you in His hands to take care of you and comfort you at all times.

  2. says:

    Sharon , David and Quinn . I admire your willingness and your strong faith . I will continue to pray for you and believe God will supply your every need . Just know I will help Bro Harry and Madalyn any way I can . I wanted to tell u guys see ya later but guess I am a big cry baby as I get older . I hope you can continue to send blogs and I know Madalyn will keep me posted. God bless each of you .

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