Life in Haiti is unpredictable but God is not!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever ”                                                            Hebrews 13:8

Life in Haiti is unpredictable and uncertain but God is not!  There is no doubt He will use this to draw us nearer to Him.

This first week is almost over and has really gone by rather quickly.  We arrived without too many issues; all of our luggage (19 bags and 4 fully loaded backpacks); no customs check and were able to get home and unloaded before the rain kicked in.  All of us admitted to thoroughly enjoying our one time adventure of flying first class!!  Josh is doing great as well…it really is a lot to take in the first time you arrive in Haiti…the battle at the airport, the visual as you drive through the crowded streets, the intensity of the heat and the smell can lead to sensory overload.

Here are some highlights from these last several days…

  • Josh was able to sit in on a meeting we had with a group of young Christian Haitian men (potential partners) who’ve formed a group called “Vision for Haiti”.  They have a desire and a plan to bring power into an area in Haiti, considered a slum.  The local government has no interest in bringing power to this community but these young men do with the hope of sharing Christ as they do it.  They have broken the community into 4 quadrants and their plan is to raise money for the first transformer, poles, lines, etc. and then  for each family in that quadrant of the community to contribute a small amount to help bring power to the next quadrant.  It will be a sacrificial amount for each family (to us it would be very small) but they do feel it’s best to for each member receiving power to have ownership and buy in, not just get something for free…they get the damage that too much “charity” has already done to the people of Haiti.
  • After many hours and lots of trial and error we do have power that is sourced from a combination of a generator, inverter, batteries and city power (sometimes).
  • We went to “the Caribbean” …one of the markets in Petion-Ville that is similar to a Walmart…here are a few US prices of some “luxury” items we purchased….WOW!

64oz low-fat milk-just under $10
10oz box of Cascadian Farms cereal-$14
12 pack of Coke Zero- $9.50
Carton of Eggs (not Organic or Cage Free) $5
6 pack Sparkle scott towels-$13
9 pack Charmin toilet paper-$13
24oz jar pasta sauce-$7

  • We experienced our first flood Friday night as a river that is very close by overflowed due to the volume of recent rain!  It was just about bedtime and suddenly we heard dogs barking out of control, people yelling, goats bleating, cows mooing…we weren’t sure what was happening.   We we’re shocked to find water rising in our yard and flowing down the street, it hadn’t been too long before that moment that we had walked home down that same street.  This is something they’ve only experienced one other time and it’s been awhile.

During my devotional time this week the Lord brought a verse that I’ve leaned into during the hard moments of this transition as we struggle to figure things out….”What we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later” Rom 8:18.  Over and over Jesus implored His followers to “take courage!” just as if He Himself was offering us something precious from His outstretched hands…He reminds us “we are not alone in this …even in the moments it might feel that way.  We’ll get this all figured out…it will simply take time.

Things we are thankful for and answered prayers….

  • Power to run fans at night
  • 2 tables to set stuff on while we sort through our luggage
  • Rain held off during the day while Josh was here
  • That when the river rose and flooded our street it didn’t rise enough to come in either home
  • A pair of rain boots given to us by our teammate Jen allowing Quinn to walk easily down our very muddy road
  • Our son Josh who was a tremendous help in getting power going this week
  • Diesel (needed to run the generator is a little less expensive than we thought)
  • The ability to eat dinner at our headquarters house which helped with the long days of work

Prayer requests…

  • That we could clearly identify how to prioritize all we need to do around the house to make it more of a home
  • For Quinn as she struggles with boredom while our efforts are focused on our home and as we are somewhat stuck due to the flood
  • Spiritual warfare as this week has truly been a challenge, knowing there is more ahead
  • That we could get our internet up and running
  • For solar power –it’s costly to run the generator as often as we have to for now

Love you all and grateful for your prayers!!!

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5 Responses to Life in Haiti is unpredictable but God is not!

  1. D R says:

    Hello my friends,

    Glad to hear from you. Sounds like you have had a rough week. Is the rain a short time thing, or does Haiti have a rainy “season”. I am trying to remember a creek nearby that could overflow, but can only think of the one we had to cross going to the school. Is that the area that is flooding? I sure hope this week is easier for you. Wow.. the store prices are high. Gotta love that Coke Zero though! I am almost at my goal for my Africa trip. Hard to believe in a month I was able to reach my goal. John raised about 95% of it for me through his work connections etc. The Lord has provided.

    I will be thinking and praying for you both. Love you,


    Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 21:01:00 +0000 To:

  2. bcrumpf says:

    Thanks for the FB photos and the stories. I’ll be praying for

  3. Kathryn St John says:

    I am so blessed to know you, and call you my Nephew and Niece!! You are in my prayers, for your needs, and that God will use you in a mighty way. love, Aunt Kathryn

  4. Elisabeth says:

    Lord Jesus, we thank you for remaining the steadfast foundation that the Mathises have needed during this time. We thank you for love and faithfulness. We ask that you show the Mathis team all that needs to be done during the day. We pray that they would give themselves grace for the things that they thought needed to be done that day that God asked them to wait on. We pray that God would direct Quinn in all that she should think, say, and do during this time of waiting. We thank you for good boots. We pray for the Mathis family to guard their hearts and mind and to abide in you. We ask that you would give them peace in this time of isolation, without internet and without the ability to move freely. We ask for power, both physical power (solar sounds fantastic) and spiritual power. Finally, we would ask that you would protect the team physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally as they all arrive there. In your precious name, Amen.

  5. Matt phelps says:

    Hi guys, just got home from the first real meeting for the Haiti mission trip. Really excited to come down there to see you guys and also to help make an impact on the Haitian people in anyway god has planned. Heard you guys are having problems with illnesses? Hope it’s nothing serious and we will be praying for healing and protection against the sickness. How much longer does the rainy season last so maybe those stupid mosquitos will die.Thinking of you dave and your solar panels ,Amren just installed 1 of 19000 panels in ofallon off of TR Huges Blvd the area is about 8 football fields wide. We will be praying for you guys and talk too you soon

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