What a mother will do.

As the chaos ensues in Northern Iraq and Syria it has been difficult to write about this little things going on in life here in Haiti. Today, along with this post we also received a prayer request from a member of our organization…see below…

“As you know the chaos in northern Iraq and Syria has created a huge problem in Turkey. Up to date almost 1.2 million refugees have flooded over the border into southeastern Turkey. Most recently the Yezidi (Kurdish ethno-religious community) have been fleeing the Islamic State. I will be going down to the largest city in the southeast region this coming Thursday and Friday (Sept 4-5) to assess the situation. There is a Turkish fellowship in the city that has been given open doors by local city officials to minister and provide aid to the ‘least of these’ across the border In North Iraq. Pray for discernment in how to best empower the people on the ground there in Dayırbakır, and help contribute to seeing how the Kingdom of God can come in an eternal, reproducible, indigenous way to these displaced peoples, while at the same time providing temporal assistance in a time of crisis. ”

It’s simply heartbreaking and we are so removed! Join us in prayer that God be made known in the midst of this tragedy!

ReachGlobal Crisis Response

IMG_20140828_111047_916 They escape with their lives and then serve us tea. We cannot share Mrs A’s photo for security reasons.

She sat on a mattress on the floor, head covered in traditional Muslim dress. Amid tears, and with a caring worker from a local Christian church pressed close, a hand gently laid over hers, “Mrs. A” told us what she could bear about her journey. “We traveled mostly on foot for 30 days. We walked a lot. Shoes wore out and we walked in bare feet.” The people taking them took almost all their money.

“Mrs. A”, had been in Jordan for 3 days, a refugee from the chaos of Syria. She came with her 3 sons, and a daughter-in-law. Arriving with nothing, they found a tiny, cramped basement, barley big enough for 3 mattresses on the floor, and a sink in the corner. They pay $125 a month for this…

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1 Response to What a mother will do.

  1. georgewarren2013 says:

    Thanks, Sharron, for forwarding this to us. May the Lord bless you there in Haiti, and be with Mark and his team to fine the proper open door for us to help with the refugees in Turkey.

    Blessings on you all there.


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