“Rekonesans” is the Kreyol word for gratitude.

We have been in the United States for close to two weeks now…hard to believe, the time has passed too quickly.  I was awoken at 12:03 am, at first feeling a little irritated because I simply wanted to be sleeping, but then reminded by the Lord of what day it was and my need to express to Him all I am grateful for.

Thanksgiving quickly became my favorite holiday when I was made aware of how abundantly blessed I am, not only by what I have materially but more importantly by this life I have been given to live.  

I am allowed to love unconditionally not only those who deserve my love but those who don’t.

I have been given freedom to express myself and suffer the consequences of doing so…both good and bad.

I am encouraged to listen and hear, to look and see…to prayerfully seek God’s wisdom in order to learn…to understand why we as people are so radically different and what we all have the potential to be.

I am challenged to seek to live sacrificially, dependent on God, not limited by my humanity, but empowered by His Spirit.

I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to walk through difficult, tragic times with people I know and those I didn’t know until crisis struck.

Neither I nor any other person is left alone to suffer the consequences of poor choices.  God is waiting to walk through those painful times, desiring to refine and transform us through the process.

As I was reading in Matthew 5 today I was reminded of how God’s mercy extends to “all” men…so why can’t mine?  I am not speaking to any one situation because at this moment we (my family, my team in Haiti, my friends) are surrounded by situations where we/I could easily write off any number of people and I admit to being guilty of considering doing just that. Yet once again I am grateful that my life is the Lords and that He continuously draws me back to His truths in my moments of weakness.

Empowered by the fruits of the Spirit shared in Galatians 5…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control…I am able to continuously express gratefulness to my Savior for His gift of life and His desire to use mine in the midst of the messiness among those who need to see Christ alive in me.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

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