Sa kap pase an Ayiti jodi a?

2016-02-05 02.39.49Sa kap pase an Ayiti jodi-a?  (What’s happening in Haiti today??)  The president of Haiti is officially stepping down.  With no president in sight, a last minute agreement has been made to install a transitional government.

This is a challenging time as the people of Haiti decide how to respond.

Haitians have a deep desire to be heard, to see change, but some of the people don’t always choose the best path in expressing themselves.  We are praying that this time things would be different.

The Prime Minister and Senate have 72 hours to elect an interim president who will work to hold elections on April 24 then leave office allowing the democratically elected president to take power on May 14.

The days and weeks ahead are important for the future of this country. Please keep Haiti in your prayers. We are praying for peace on the streets, growth and a fair election.

We are praying for change.  Tomorrow is a new day.

2016-02-06 07.54.46.jpg

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1 Response to Sa kap pase an Ayiti jodi a?

  1. georgewarren2013 says:

    Thank you for the beautiful picture and for the good news that the president is agreeing to step down peacefully! May the Lord keep the peace in Haiti and continue to give you and the team there security and freedom of ministry.


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