The moment a child is born…a mother is born.  It’s a thankless job at times…if I’m truthful, more often than not.

The worry, the work, the direction, the protection, that gave us security and a sense of belonging.  The freedom to explore, to recognize our strengths and weaknesses.  We fought for our independence and began to discover how God wired us.  We were lucky enough to be allowed to suffer the consequences of our actions…maybe because our mother’s knew the benefits we would reap…learning, suffering while under their wings.  Throughout the years they faced numerous challenges that they didn’t have the answers for.  They were strong, dedicated, and diverse.  They nurtured, taught, cared and loved passionately.  They slept little and forgave often.  They gave unmerited grace.

Mother’s need endurance, patience and a great sense of humor…they need the Lord.

We just had the opportunity to spend a brief amount of time with each of our mothers.  Upon our return to Haiti, I was reminded of how many children here…how many mothers… are missing out on this blessing.  It goes both ways.  My heart aches that they will not have the memories that we have to look back on.  They will not be able to say ‘thank you’.

We are grateful for our moms.  Without them, we wouldn’t be here.  We would not be serving in Haiti.  Without the years of prayers we might not even be together.  I may never have had the privilege to meet…to mother, our children.  To build into them as we were built into.

We are thankful to have been raised by women who love the Lord and prayed fervently that we would follow in those footsteps.

My prayer is that I can model motherhood well to the young people we are doing life with here in Haiti.  My Hope is that they will see Christ in my actions as a mother.  My Hope is that their families will be different.

We have this Hope because our mothers introduced us to the one who is Hope!


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