My man lives with purpose…


 “Lè yon papa se moun serye,

li fè sa ki dwat. Sa bon nèt pou pitit li yo.”  Pwovèb 20:7

“The godly walk with integrity;

 blessed are their children who follow them.”  Proverbs 20:7

Recently in a large group setting, with tears in her eyes, Quinn thanked her dad for being a ‘man of wisdom’.  For spending time in the Word with her when she has questions or doesn’t understand what it says.  For inspiring her to grow and for genuinely loving to simply ‘hang out’ and watch a good action flick.  I know her brother echo’s that!

12513670_10208655190001806_7641433080547737797_o (1)

Much to my chagrin, both my kids, like their dad, LOVE the History Channel…really history in general, and can binge watch it like no one’s business!  They share a love for the incredible beauty of the great outdoors and the adventures experienced together, chopping things down in the woods, moments sitting around a camp fire (I think it’s more about playing in the fire for each one of them) and really… good… FOOD.

My husband shares my heartbeat for seeing our children to not simply be happy, but to become Holy.  Chasing after their heavenly Father.  Their ‘Papa’.  He too is in pursuit of holiness …more than comfort, more than pleasure, more than happiness.  

Those who know him or anyone who has spent any time with Dave, know he is the gentle voice in the midst of this chaotic life we live.  He is steadfast…solid.  Willing to continue to allow himself to not only be challenged in his growth, but to pursue uncomfortable growth.  To continue to step out of his comfort zone even when it begins to hurt.  My man lives with purpose.  He is a man of prayer.

He has chosen to lead us where God calls, knowing there will continue to be difficult days, but trusting that our Father will carry us through, using our little family for His Glory.  

“Father to the fatherless, defender of widows—
    this is God, whose dwelling is holy.”  Psalm 68:5

When I read this verse, I am reminded of Dave.  His heartbeat for our neighbors…for the youth in our neighborhood.  His desire to be a reflection of his Father.


IMG_20161004_175359 (002)

My prayer for my kids is that my son would love his Lord and (one day) his wife and children as his dad does and that my daughter would be blessed to marry a man of God, as her father is.  My prayer for the youth we are surrounded by here is the same.  

We need men of prayer who’s lives are centered around and driven by “BonDye” who live with open hands….


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4 Responses to My man lives with purpose…

  1. Kathryn St John says:

    Sharron, I LOVE this!!! I am so happy for you and Dave and your hearts for the Lord. Bless you!, Aunt Kathie >

  2. Jeanne says:

    Amen. I’ll be praying that prayer with you, we need more men who are unashamed in their love for the Lord. Also remembering not to take advantage of our men of God who do love the Lord in their desire to live holy lives. May God bless and keep them all, every one of them.

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