The Pearl

pearl(sand? or as some believe, a parasite)

In moments when irritants threaten to overwhelm me, I need to take a step back and ask myself…againwhat, instead of Who am I fixing my eyes on?

This week in a moment of frustration over ANOTHER dead piece of electronics, my phone, the Lord gently reminded me of the beauty of a pearl.  We all know this story.  A tiny little irritant (more likely a parasite, not necessarily a grain of sand) slips inside an oyster and immediately causes discomfort.

Because of the oysters suffering, lustrous pearls are formed.

The pearls God allows to be created in my life are often brought forth by the irritants in the form of wisdom, spiritual growth and increased faith.

The uncomfortable truth is, God will allow irritants.  Who am I to question ‘why’?  One pearl I took hold of this week is that each time some tiny irritant slips in, or even more challenging, a monumental one, I move closer to learning to embrace the moment with joy trusting that each irritant, challenge or suffering He allows me to face is an expression of His love.


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1 Response to The Pearl

  1. Steve Rumpf says:

    You always say something insightful in the midst of challenges. I so appreciate you.

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