About us

“Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37:3-5

Our family consists of Dave, Sharron, Josh who is 29 and Quinn who is 12.  Yes…they are both ours!  Just when we thought we’d be empty nesters, God with His great sense of humor obviously had other plans.  We have been married for almost 30 amazing, challenging, character building years.

We arrived on the field in Haiti in May of 2014 to begin work with ReachGlobal Haiti and currently reside in Gressier.

Like many families, we were active in our church, in our community and with our family. We have a passion for and are involved in discipleship making on several levels.  We have been very blessed in these past years as we’ve served on the local mission field joining God in His work, witnessing transformation in the lives of people around us.  However, in recent years, through prayer, people and circumstances God has drawn us to the international mission field, specifically Haiti.  We had continued to pray that God would make the “desires of His heart, the desires of our hearts”.  He has faithfully done just that, teaching us to “love” people, to be available…to go.  He hasn’t just been preparing us, He’s also been at work in our daughter Quinn’s heart as well.

Choosing to follow God when He calls you to something bigger than yourself isn’t easy…it isn’t comfortable, it’s been a choice we’ve wrestled with, but God is filling us with the anticipation and expectation of being part of something extraordinary.  It isn’t easy for some of our family or friends, a little difficult to comprehend, yet we trust God to bring comfort, provide peace within us, as well as those we love.

As the City Team Leaders for ReachGlobal Haiti, we don’t want to waste our lives in light of eternity.  It’s our desire to use our years on this earth for His purposes.  We want to dream big, dreams that are impossible without Him, with the hope that this team might be part of something extraordinary here in Haiti,  all the while submitting to God’s will as we seek to follow His direction.

We’re looking forward to staying connected with you and sharing our journey.  We’d love for you to consider partnering with us in prayer/financial support.  Please let us know if you’d like to talk more about the work we’ve joined God in doing in Haiti.

One Response to About us

  1. Rhonda Quinn says:

    relatives in wardell, Mo. , praying for you and your family as you follow God’s plan for your lives….I will try to get Dad (Jewel Mathis) to hear and understand what you are doing , he has dementia and can’t see well or hear much, but he would be so proud to know how you have chosen to serve God., thanks for serving,Rhonda Quinn

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