Current Prayer requests…

Below we are sharing our current praises and prayer requests that we trust you’ll join us in praying….

Continued praises..

  • For our financial and prayer support team God developed
  • Continued transition into our new culture
  • For relationships and friendships we are slowly beginning to develop
  • Our church family’s generosity
  • God’s provision through the church…spiritually, financially, emotionally
  • God continues to grow in us a passion to follow Him and minister to the people of Haiti
  • Praise for the Strategic Initiatives in process listed below.
    • ·         Global Fingerprints Child Sponsorship Program
    •           Tire Gardens
    •           Teacher Training
    • ·         Sewing project with Paster Tingue
    • ·         Haitian Perle Coffee initiative
    • ·         Community Development (Gressier Partners)
    • ·         Assisting the Church in the discipleship of short term teams
    •            English/ ESL
    •            CAE – Community Agricultural Evangelism
    •            CHE – Community Health Evangelism
    •            STEP (seminary in PAP) Student Discipleship


  • For our understanding of discipleship and servanthood cross culturally
  • for the partnerships and projects we are investing most our time in…ECCA (teacher training), Sewing program with Tingue and Constance Free church, English with our neighborhood kids, tire gardening projects…each with the intent of sharing the precious Word of God
  • For health and protection from Chikungunya, Dengue Fever and Maleria…illness in general
  • Language learning…we are not naturals
  • for our family in the states as we are no longer near
  • pray for Quinn’s heart, that she finds her niche, her call…we know God has great plans for her in this process
  • pray for Quinn’s desire to learn language and for Haitian friendships that will motivate her desire to learn.
  • prayer for our marriage as we work through stressful decisions…as we learn to lead this team in Haiti together
  • Team Development of Long Term team:  Pray for unity and grace as we face the challenge of bringing two cultures together…into a third culture (Haiti)
  • Prayer for the development of the Haitian Consortium.  The purpose of these meetings are to come up with an aligned and intentional equipping model for some of our key partners moving into the next 3 years. Pray for wisdom and the Spirit’s guidance…and then for the people resources to carry it out!
  • That we continue to remember that God is more concerned with who we are than what we do and that we would prioritize being over doing and our time with Him
  • That God would give us the endurance and perseverance to manage our time well and handle the load of keeping our family spiritually, physically and emotionally

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